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Travel Nutrition- Be(ing) the Empowered U.

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Welcome, to the Be(ing)U Blog!

It's about time we created a home base around here.

I'm Bronwyn Barry- DipNT, CPT, BCS. The founder of BeU Fitness & Nutrition, which is the brain child of years as a professional performer on the road and at sea; travel for work cross- country and cross- globe; the internal motivation to be the absolute highest performer out there. A lot of shortcuts would have been handy along the way! So, I stockpiled what I discovered for myself; I earned a qualification in personal training and a degree in nutritional science and therapeutics; I created Empowered To Go.

God, I'm a dancer...

My path towards choosing dance as a career took a serious turn when I declared dance as my major in college (and all of the disordered eating, internalized pressure to be the best, etc came par for the course). My career path in dance itself was filled with ups and downs; career highs and lows, along with physical and mental highs and lows. I tried a lot of things in order to support the necessary physique and energy requirements, meet the demands of directors, and heal from recurring injuries.

...and learning about travel nutrition has come with the territory...

Career opportunities allowed for me to travel to big cities to "make it big;" to Midwestern towns to educate and inspire future performers; to my current country of residence, Ireland, which my husband and I use as a home base for our continued travels. It's safe to say, we've seen a lot of early mornings, airports, crew cabins with no windows, minimally equipped hotel gyms, and the kitchen access...don't get me started!

...but also a lot of challenges.

I could complain about my first experience with post- gastritis IBS (a different blog post for a different time); I could complain about breaking bones and only having nutrition to expedite the process (again, different post different time). I could even complain about living out of a hotel with no gym and just a microwave/ mini fridge for a week. You can read a bit more about that here.

Why do you travel?

  • 0%Work commute

  • 0%Leisure/ Personal Pursuits

  • 0%Work on the go

You can vote for more than one answer.

I will never complain once about my life's path. I will, however, complain about the impractical nutrition and health advice given to the general population. It provides zero functionality for high performers. So, Empowered To Go is the space that provides that functional nutrition and fitness optimization for high performers on the go.

So, that's the long and short of it. I take the B.S. health advice given to traditional Tammy's and Tommy's who only deal with the occasional upset stomach, and I turn it into actionable protocols for high performers who are sick of dealing with: the panicked bathroom visit before hopping on a plane, feeling like they aren't meeting their nutrition needs because they have to eat out constantly, and the constant feeling of jet lag that comes from miles logged for work and pleasure. You can start your journey to on the go energy and productivity right now.

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