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I'm Bronwyn

I support creatives by providing nutrition and fitness solutions that empower you to pursue your life's passions, wherever they lead you.

I want a world where creatives feel worthy enough of the things that bring you limitless energy and confidence. It makes your performance in your job noticeably more gratifying. It's the world I wish had existed for me a few years ago, and it's why I'm now creating it for others. 

I'm Bronwyn Barry, and I am a nutritional therapist and personal trainer who supports creatives:

  • artists

  • entertainers

  • entrepreneurs

  • educators

  • business leaders


I help you become an elite version of yourself and stop compromising self for success so that you can more fully pursue life's passions.

bride standing outside a southern plantation house

It breaks my heart to see creatives sacrificing self for success.

dancer jumping at sunset

I see the anxiety that comes with saying "yes" in order to get ideas off the ground, structure in your lifestyle, and the reward of success and validation. I totally get it because that used to be me, and I still catch myself having those tendencies of forgetting self. Even I need the guidance and reminder that my self is what my success hinges on!

You can stop accepting that this is "just how it is." I did that for years as an aspiring and accomplished performer. I traveled the world with gastric upset and a rollercoaster relationship with my self and my abilities. I was experiencing corners of the world I never thought would have been possible for me in my lifetime; I was gunning for job opportunities that excited me; I was trying to say "yes" to every single aspect of personal and professional experiences. Every job that came back with a "no" or "not right now," I tried to embody that it was nothing personal. Yet, I always walked around with a discrediting belief that I could never experience my life to the fullest because of the way I looked that day, or the low energy and questionable self- esteem that I held in myself.  

contemporary dancers on a dark stage

When you, as a creative, can utilize the most energy and flow in your pursuits- whether it be your passion project, your trade, or a voyage into the unknown- you unleash the supercharged significance you wish to have on your audience. 

dancer balancing a ballet shoe on her nose

It's time to stop sacrificing yourself in order to achieve the success you deserve to have in your personal and professional life. In today's "always on" society, the boundaries around self preservation are shaky and unclear. Your self is a priority that only becomes verified in conjunction with achievement and accolade. This simply is not the case. 

As I studied nutrition, a favourite past time of mine became calling out wellness influencers and the outlandish claims they make in order to sell their own products or to market the brands which they partner with. Some of them have it right: most of them don't. I get a lot of satisfaction out of getting to the root of the B.S. so you don't have to waste your time listening to promotions. You just need the answers.

Empowered To Go works for creatives, not against them. Much like your brain babies and wildest dreams, the solutions in Empowered To Go come through building a foundation from five integral cornerstones: nutrition, stress acknowledgement, quality recovery, exercise, and adaptability. Each cornerstone is assessed and inspected for qualitative opportunities that promote a thriving sense of self- worth and confidence. I can't guarantee that it's comfortable, but I can guarantee that you discover solutions to issues and symptoms that you have been experiencing for years.

As a creative, you want to always have energy left in the tank for that opportunity that you simply can't pass up. You want to feel the most energetic and enthusiastic behind your "yes" moments as well as your "no" ones. I help you achieve this by turning your current routines and day-to-day agenda on its head, creating a shift in priorities that improves energy, relieves you from gastric distress, and gives you your confidence back.


It's hard to be you, when all you want to do is hide.

dancer in a christmas show

I want a world where creatives feel worthy enough to have limitless energy and confidence because it makes their performance in their job noticeably more gratifying. It's the world I wish I had created for myself a few years ago, and it's why I'm on a mission to create that world now. I discovered that, through addressing the five cornerstones in Empowered To Go for myself, I was able to enjoy more in life and pour more of myself into my creative pursuits. I went from feeling insignificant, to unstoppable. It's time you felt like that, too. 


I value creativity and all that it encompasses; problem- solving, innovation, turning conventional ways of thinking upside down, appreciation for diversity and inclusion, sharing alternative approaches to otherwise standard procedures. I have seen these very assets empower creatives to stop seeking validation through work alone and start understanding that their work's validation comes through prioritizing health and wellness. 

I give my mother full credit for the sass, sarcasm, and stubborness that has permeated my personality since I entered the physical earth. If you were to look at my YouTube homepage, you would see mostly videos that review premium and luxury airline products. I am always manifesting an upgrade to business class on my next flight (where available). To enhance my lifelong wanderlust, I decided it was a good idea to marry an Irish man that works at sea! If I had to stick to one meal for the rest of my life, it would be breakfast hands down. I have several pet peeves, incompetent people on public transport being the biggest one. I tell myself I don't like reality tv; yet, here I am, far too many seasons into the Kardashians than I am willing to admit.

woman looking over a mountain lake

You can trust your gut, and that gives you more freedom to achieve more of what you want in life.

I have a diploma in nutritional therapy through the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health; I am a NASM- certified personal trainer and a specialisation in behavioural change. I also have a BFA in dance and a minor in business management, which facilitated an eight-year career as a dancer and aerialist in theme parks and on cruise ships. 

Nothing makes me more grateful than clients saying how much they learn, how supported they feel, and how they're gaining a lifelong friend when working with BeU Fitness & Nutrition.


Your Self Sacrificing Stops Now.

If you're someone who has a creative passion that sets you on fire, without knowing how it happens or how you're going to have the energy to keep up with it, check out the ways I can help you stop compromising your self for your success through my services.
Sailing on Sea

Josh: Professional Performer

"I felt a little overwhelmed with trying to maintain my health and fitness in and amongst the craziness of my job; but, I felt in safe hands with Bronwyn. Many PTs will give you a workout plan and a general calorie count- I got access to Bronwyn's wealth of knowledge especially around nutrition. Having the extra knowledge about food and when best to refuel and workout around my show schedule was very helpful.So glad I got to work with Bronwyn, I understand so much more about how me as an individual works and have the motivation to keep putting it all into practice!"
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