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I'm Bronwyn

I help high performers, like you, have autonomy on the go through personalized nutrition and fitness solutions that leave you stronger, more confident, more focused, and more productive.

And it's not always been smooth sailing.

I am a nutritional therapist and personal trainer, with a specialization in behaviour change. I work with:

  • seasoned travelers

  • performers and technicians

  • entrepreneurs and aspiring rule breakers

You might be wondering...what do I know about making healthier changes on the go? Why work with me?

dancer jumping at sunset
bride standing outside a southern plantation house

I grew up on the go.

Dance has always been the backbone of my being; occasionally, I was part of school swimming and tennis teams. I went to school with lunches packed lovingly by my parents, and came home to dinner around the dining room table with my family most evenings. Needless to say, I had a well balanced lifestyle growing up (thanks Mum and Dad, you rock). 

In college I learned how to fuel myself on a budget, and going to the gym became an obsession. Put that deathly combination on top of being a dance major and- yep, you guessed it- I developed an extremely disordered relationship with diet and exercise. I wanted to be strong, but didn't want to lift the weights heavy enough to make that happen. I was also in physical therapy for overuse injuries. It was a never ending cycle of self- sabotage.

contemporary dancers on a dark stage
dancer balancing a ballet shoe on her nose

I moved to New York City to make it big. I juggled three different jobs to cover rent and city- living expenses, and also land a (necessary, in my case) weight gain that's foreign...a "yo yo" experience if you will. 

Through it all, I rolled with the punches. It's just what high performers have to do, right?

My life was constantly changing between performing in theme parks, and on cruise ships- much like you looking to just get the most out of life. Dream big, reach big, and see what you can achieve that's "big." I trained heavily to maintain top physical appearance and strength, but something was "off." I reached a point where I had little to no energy and it took a lot of pep talking to get the adrenaline rush necessary to perform well- not even to my best. I was gaining weight again, and I felt like I could never guarantee what meals would make me bloated or not. My cast mates were getting offers for future work, and I wasn't. I was devastated, alone, and frustrated, and couldn't find answers.

I Googled "how to lose weight in a healthy way." I tried (and failed) to intermittent fast because it seemed to be the quickest way to weight loss (and I needed this weight to go fast!); I drank protein shakes in between shows instead of eating cookies; I tried to restrict my sugar intake in the hopes that something would work. I bought a probiotic that made my frequent toilet trips more frequent. I adopted a vegetarian diet, thinking that would save me and the weight would shift. I couldn't hide away, I had to keep showing myself

greenery with a woman standing in the background

It's hard to be you, when all you want to do is hide.

dancer in a christmas show

Time and again, high performers have worked with me expecting one outcome, such as feeling more confident or knowing what to eat outside of their own kitchens, and achieving so much more than that. The feedback has always been the same- I feel liberated to truly pursue the most productive path for my career

And that's just the start of it.

My recovery and rebalance is exactly what led you to BeU Fitness & Nutrition- much like me, you want to just "be you." I changed the way I load acute stress onto my body through my career. I incorporated strength training that supported my lifestyle and goals, instead of holding me back. My gut also changed dramatically- which is exactly what I help clients like you achieve now.

You can trust your gut, and that gives you more freedom to achieve more of what you want in life.

woman looking over a mountain lake

Now it's your time to get the solutions to the symptoms you've just been surviving with for so long. One size truly does not fit all. Except in a feather boa you frantically grab after quick change #3 of seven in that one show....Bespoke nutrition and fitness solutions are what it takes to get the most for you as an individual. For high performers, it's the autonomy over personal health that makes your personal and professional life feel limitless. You need to be empowered to go. 


Your Journey Is One Click Away.

Sailing on Sea

Josh: Professional Performer

"I felt a little overwhelmed with trying to maintain my health and fitness in and amongst the craziness of my job; but, I felt in safe hands with Bronwyn. Many PTs will give you a workout plan and a general calorie count- I got access to Bronwyn's wealth of knowledge especially around nutrition. Having the extra knowledge about food and when best to refuel and workout around my show schedule was very helpful.So glad I got to work with Bronwyn, I understand so much more about how me as an individual works and have the motivation to keep putting it all into practice!"
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