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Your summer is about to sizzle. 

And it's not just from the sunshine.

The Empowered Fitness: Summer Edit is the eight week functional fitness programme that gets you saying goodbye to six week shreds- forever.

The six week shreds don't stand a chance against this.

You're here because you've got a bit of extra time on your hands this summer, and you want to make the most of it.

BUT you also want to do so without sacrificing any of your fun summer plans.

You've seen the six week shreds popping up on your social media feed. You're searching for "summer weight loss" plans on Google and the programmes you are seeing just aren't it.

You don't want to work yourself to the bone for six weeks, feel svelte for a day or two, and then feel like a blob again when the autumn rolls around.

You don't want to be spending crippling hours in the gym, with the poolside sunshine teasing you from outside the window. want to feel confident in your shorts and your bikini. You don't want to beat yourself up for the plates of food you eat at the BBQs. 

Surely there has to be an easier way around all this?

You can buy the six week nutrition plan, invest in the gym membership, and book the vacation- but what happens when you drop the ball?

The Empowered Fitness: Summer Edit is an eight week programme that is designed to supercharge your summer and give you consistent, long- lasting results.


What if things were different?

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You can say goodbye to six weeks of starvation.

You could lose weight, tone up, and gain confidence withouts sacrificing your calories.

You could show up to the family BBQs with delicious side plates that compliment your burger perfectly, and feel great in your belly too. 

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You could say hello to a supercharged summer.

Put away the resentment you have towards doing "what's right," because it only seems to be getting in the way of having a fun social life too.

Open the door for a routine that feels easy to stick to, and enjoyable at that, because you love to move your body (without hours of time wasted).

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And you could have results that last for the rest of the year.

You could have health information and encouragement from a trained professional without having to hit Google translate on the myriad of research around what's better for your health, and what's not.

You could feel zero guilt for enjoying your vacation, enjoying an extra rest day, or enjoying meals that you would previously have demonized as "diet sabotage."

Enter...the Empowered Fitness: Summer Edit.

Image by Mor Shani

In 8 weeks, the Empowered Fitness: Summer Edit will help you:​

  • ditch the quick fixes and put a functional fitness routine in place that feels like it actually makes sense with your lifestyle. 

  • navigate food fear in any environment with ease (you can actually call it food freedom).

  • learn how to use your energy so that you can finally see AND feel results that you've wanted for years

  • stop feeling guilty about when you want to put your health first vs. putting it on the back burner for later (because we all know, later gets later...and later...and later).

This is the eight week functional fitness programme that will give you the summer strength, confidence, and smarts to stay away from the Six Week Summer Shreds.


  • This is for you if you're sitting there, full on ready to embrace shorts weather.


  • This is for you if you're ready to use the sunny months to work on yourself to create lasting change that you actually enjoy.


  • This is for you if you've got summer holidays and BBQs on the schedule already, and want to schedule in some time for yourself too


See what other Empowered Fitness clients have to say.


"I feel stronger. The strength is what matters, and I have it. I'm feeling toned, but the feeling stronger as you age is really important and I'm feeling that happen."


"I just want to say such a huge thank you again for the work we did together over the past few months. I feel so good and so strong for looking after my small man."


"I actually feel good? I've done these workouts a few times now over the last few weeks and I'm definitely feeling my best."


"There was a rough start to my week, but after getting my workouts in I'm already feeling so much stronger...physically and mentall."

- It's time to take action and make things happen. -

Grab your spot for the summer now.

When you join the Edit, you're getting:

Functional fitness workouts that you can do in the gym or at home, plus a schedule that takes the guesswork out of "how am I going to get it done?"

Weekly check ins with a coach, and a 1:1 chat for questions, celebrations, and support

Mobility flows and dynamic core work for smarter injury prevention when you need it most

Recipe ebook to support your routine, with yummy ideas to bring from your kitchen to your summer BBQs and parties (if you feel like sharing, that is!)

Community support with people, just like you, who want to start their summer on a stronger foot and feel great about doing so

All delivered on an easy-to-use app that brings your "me time" with you on your vacations, and beyond.



Optional in-depth nutrition consultation with a qualified nutritional therapist

Real time, video feedback with a coach so that you can rest assured you're doing things the smart way (not the hard way)

Annual access to your training programme, so you can always come back to it when you need that confident sweat session


All in about thirty minutes per day, six days per week. 

Holiday Destination

First, You Probably Have Some Questions.

Check out some of the frequently asked questions that are often asked before working with me. If these answers don't help you, you can reach out to ask your questions here.


Do I have to travel to use the Empowered Fitness: Summer Edit?

Nope! Empowered Fitness has helped professionals who are on the go, working from home, and somewhere in between. This programme has helped:

  • professional performers

  • physical therapists

  • marketing strategists

  • group fitness instructors

  • directors

  • school teachers

  • software developers

Creating autonomy has allowed them to take back their health, and give energy to what makes them really come alive in life and enjoy the most fulfilling life they've dreamed of living.

Do I need a gym membership to use the programme?

Nope! When you sign up for the programme, you'll fill out a quick questionnaire so I can get to know your goals and your environment better. These workouts can be done in the gym, or at home. 

Exercising on your time. You never feel limited.

What if I want a fitness programme, AND I want some help with nutrition too?

The Empowered Fitness: Summer Edit comes with an ebook of recipes that are nutrient packed and taste delicious. 

There's plain Jane food here. No overly restrictive diets. No meticulous calorie- counting. Just yummy, feel good food to support your health.

If you want more specific guidance, a complimentary 30 minute consultation is included, and you can book a consultation with a nutritional therapist at an additional charge. 

What's the price?

Your investment is 109 euro (or 119 USD). This covers your workouts, 1:1 access to your coach, supportive video feedback on your exercise form, and a community of people to support and celebrate with you.

This is what helps your efforts stick for the long term so you can ditch the six week shreds for good. 


I say spots are limited, and I mean it: this isn't just a "here's your workout, go forth and conquer" to the masses.
This is for you. For your supercharged summer, starting on June 3rd.

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