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Ashley A.

"I felt like I didn't have a lot of direction with my diet and wasn't feeling confident about my food choices. I also wasn't sure about lifting weights...My needs were addressed and more! Now I'm lifting heavy, I don't experience any digestive discomfort (or if I do, I know why), and I feel a lot more self-aware of all the factors that impact my overall well-being. I'm so grateful for Bronwyn's judgement-free guidance and support through this weird and inconsistent time. Bronwyn has gone above and beyond for me and took on a lot more than just nutrition and exercise...her clients are so lucky to have her!"

Rachel G.

Betsy R.

I was feeling unmotivated, constantly tired, and not in control of my body. My coach was realistic about the changes which was extremely helpful. We went step by step rather than trying to take giant leaps. This helped me achieve my goals by realizing how realistic change was. Bronwyn followed up and checked in to see how I was doing and was able to make adjustments quickly. I feel overall better. I love that my coach really helped me learn to listen to my body and how to care for it properly. I wake up with energy and confidence that I will make the best choices for myself that day. I feel more confident about my body and my daily choices. I love how excited I get about food and how she guided me to be open minded about my palette! I'm more mindful of my choices and wished I learned everything she taught me years ago!

"I was feeling super low on self-motivation and was looking for some help and guidance with my workouts as I've been organizing my own workouts for the last several years of my life/ career. Bronwyn helped me with daily/ weekly texts to continue my motivation- she ALWAYS checked in. Bronwyn is an amazing coach, and did all of the necessary things to help me with my goals and more. Especially considering our distance and time zone differences, she always withheld a strong and committed journey with me. Dedicating her time and effort to me and my goals to bettering myself. LOVE HER TO BITS. 11/10 would highly recommend working with Bronwyn!"

Ems M.


It has been so valuable to me working with BeU Fitness & Nutrition! The level of knowledge and expertise that Bronwyn has with regards to all things health, fitness and nutrition is beyond what I expected and has been so helpful in educating me and helping me to identify my own personal dietary and fitness needs and how to get the best out of my body. She was so brilliant at adapting my course whilst I was at sea and having many different obstacles thrown my way. Her communication with me exceeded my expectations and it was so wonderful to have this constant support and encouragement coming my way...I'm also very grateful for her holding space for me and treating me with patience and compassion. I really felt supported and guided and not only that but very quickly noticed great physical improvements and also general health improvements from the guidance and workouts I was being given, such as reducing bloating, improving sleep quality, building muscle definition and so much more. Would highly recommend working with BeU Fitness & Nutrition and I will certainly be continuing my own journey with Bronwyn after my vacation period!

Josh B.

"I felt a little overwhelmed with trying to maintain my health and fitness in and amongst the craziness of my job; but, I felt in safe hands with Bronwyn. Many PTs will give you a workout plan and a general calorie count- I got access to Bronwyn's wealth of knowledge especially around nutrition. Having the extra knowledge about food and when best to refuel and workout around my show schedule was very helpful. Bronwyn stayed in contact, checking in to see how I was doing, and giving me weekly "short term" goals which helped me stay focused. Having worked with other trainers I can say that she really cares about each person literally from the inside out. The level of communication is great, even from across the world, the access to her wealth of knowledge is amazing, and if there’s something she doesn’t know, she will find out! I couldn’t recommend Bronwyn more for any performers looking to really get a handle on their fitness, she understands it on a personal level and can relate to how you’re feeling and be able to adjust the workout plans and support your health and well-being accordingly. So glad I got to work with Bronwyn, I understand so much more about how me as an individual works and have the motivation to keep putting it all into practice!

Rachel A.

"I felt low and desperately needed some support and direction in my fitness- BeU Fitness & Nutrition gave me that for sure. The plan gave me the tools to focus on not only my fitness goals but also my nutrition. I became more mindful of what I am eating and also pushed my strength training to the limit. I liked my check ins with Bronwyn and the personalized advice she was able to give me."

Madeline B.

"Bronwyn is an incredible health and wellness coach. Throughout my 3 months working with her, I felt taken care of, listened to and supported in so many ways. Most importantly, I felt empowered with knowledge. Every issue that arose in my health and wellness journey was combated with her knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work. I was able to reach my goal for a performance job I was doing and feel confident that I would be able to sustain it even after coaching ended. All of her methods are practical and realistic, making everything maintainable. I am so grateful to have a coach like Bronwyn!”

Emily N.

"During the pandemic, Bronwyn's services were highly recommended. Similar to most people at the time, I had felt lost & turned to BeU Fitness & Nutrition for guidance during an unfamiliar place in life. Together, we created attainable & sustainable changes that really helped get my physical & mental health back on track, & better than ever! Time with Bronwyn goes beyond meal prepping & workout programs. She truly curates a safe space for all negative thoughts to become a healing conversation. Bronwyn is a fantastic coach, & a lifelong friend. I would absolutely recommend working with Bronwyn again & again!"

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