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5 Tricks To Creating a Mobile Wellness Routine

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Woman in a hotel gym


Let's address a growing trend: business & leisure travel are now combined.

According to Publicis Sapient, this new trend is being coined as "bleisure travel;" also known as, combining travel for both work & pleasure purposes. We have Covid-19 to thank for that, with up to 50% of millennial work capacity having the facility to be accomplished in remote fashion.

How are you traveling this year?

  • Business

  • Leisure

  • Bleisure

  • I'm a hermit


5 Tips To Getting the Most Out of a Mobile Wellness Routine

  • Create a hierarchy of needs- Sit for two minutes & ask yourself, "what do I always need to do for my health?" Perhaps you always get out for a morning walk; maybe you're the one who can NOT go without a morning caffeine kick; you could also consider your medication/ supplement routine a non- negotiable.

  • Set your budget- Prepare to invest into your routine: space, money, and/ or time towards your needs. If you always go out for a morning walk, you'll need to pack your sneakers in your suitcase. If you have coffee to kickstart your morning, you'll need to budget for your daily cup whilst you're on the road. If you have medication/ supplements you can't go without, you need to budget financially for your medication & supplements to be covered on the go.

  • Be adaptable- If your hotel gym doesn't have the equipment you're looking for, it's not an excuse to give up altogether (sorry not sorry). Prepare yourself as best you can, & hold yourself accountable for that preparedness. You may have to set an earlier alarm than usual to get your morning walk in; you may have to suck it up & drink hotel room coffee (fingers crossed for a Nespresso machine); you may have to be financially savvy & invest in medication only. Keep your mind open!

  • Allocate time to movement- Regular exercise has a host of benefits- one of them being that of improved gut motility. Moreover, it has a positive influence on microbiota diversity which benefits your toilet habits as well as your immunity. Nothing worse than being sick whilst on holiday, right?

  • Hydrate- Travel can be exciting, but the time spent getting through the airport/ security in any facility can be really stressful. Ensuring you're adequately hydrated allows your body to better circulate/ metabolize cortisol (a stress hormone). Bet you didn't know that, did ya? Aside from limiting alcohol intake whilst spending a day in transit, consider making your water more of an experience. Add electrolytes to it (I'm a huge fan of this low sugar brand), chlorophyll drops for an antioxidant boost, or activated charcoal for better detox support away from home.


Your mobile wellness routine doesn't have to be comprised of a laundry list: pick your top two non-negotiables & focus on them.

And you don't have to sit down & start from scratch either. The Empowered On the Go Guide is the best place for you to start. It also happens to be on sale.

Where are your bleisure travels taking you this year? Let's see the globetrotting stats in the comments!

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1 Comment

Bronwyn Updike
Bronwyn Updike
Jun 16, 2023

Definitely recommend LMNT for on the go! Such a great support/ water enhancer on the road.

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