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10 Reasons Why Working With Me Is Easier Than Asking Dr. Google

You can search "low energy" as a female identifier and turn out pregnant; or, you can type in "low testosterone symptoms" as a male identifier and be told you've got low energy. Either way, Google is leading you around in circles. Here are 10 reasons why working with me is easier than asking Dr. Google.

In today's "always on" society, the boundaries around self preservation are shaky and unclear. Your self is a priority that only becomes verified in conjunction with achievement and accolade. This simply is not the case. 

I think that the term "high performer" is under- used. We all may have the same twenty-four hours in a day, but what you feel able to power through on a daily basis truly does powerfully dictate how you spend those twenty- four hours.

At the end of the day, as you finally sit down to relax and procrastinate bedtime (try asking Google what sleep procrastination is- it's a thing), you're probably doing exactly that: heading to Google.

If that sounds like you, I feel you. I've been there too!

For anyone who is new here...hi. I'm Bronwyn! I am the sole writer for the Be(ing)U blog where the aim is to give you the information that empowers you to be,

I have experienced dips in my health throughout my adult life: disordered eating, rapid weight gain (it was so necessary), chronic injuries, and even refusal for work because of how I look and how my body is shaped.

That's just what came on the surface though. I also experienced digestive disruptions (unexplained, at the time), post- infectious IBS, and a crippling mindset around my self worth that affected my willpower in chasing my dreams as a professional performer.

Which has led me to my current position; typing this blog post up as a qualified nutritional therapist and personal trainer. I work with you to offer curated nutrition and fitness solutions that work with your lifestyle- not just beside it or worse, against it. If you're curious as to what that could look like for you, I am pleased to offer complimentary pre- consultations always.

Keep reading to discover 10 reasons why working with me is easier than asking Dr. Google to diagnose your signs and symptoms.


Bronwyn Barry dip NT CPT BCS

I've been there.

No seriously, I have. All seven continents. I'm privileged to say I have explored corners of the world that I never even thought I'd get to in my life. I've seen how the scenery changes; moreover, I've seen food quality, food cuisine, and standards of living that range from elegant to grimey. I know how to adapt your nutrition to suit your needs; whether you work from home, or on the road.

I read the research, and translate it.

Reading research is tedious and often more mind- boggling than not. Fancy words. Things like graphs and tables and variants. I read it, I simplify it, and I deliver it to you in a way that makes sense.

I give you band-aids while addressing your root cause.

Dr. Google (and probably your own in-person general practitioner) will tell you to just get more sleep or eat more vegetables. I know what you're left thinking- but how?? I give you the band- aid that will mask your symptoms, AND I even address what's making those symptoms happen.

Working with people who don't have a kitchen is my specialty.

I ran a free webinar called Beat the Buffet Blues which was all about empowering people who don't have their own kitchen spaces to make nutritious food choices. The results? Less belly bloat, more energy, and more confidence that you don't have to cook all your meals from scratch. in order to make the healthiest choice. Doesn't that sound like a relief? See what other high performing creatives have said about working with me.

Bluberry smoothie

I think that your plate should be colourful, not crippling.

I really do loathe influencer B.S. that you should avoid toxins, avoid preservatives, avoid these really, just avoid everything including the air you breathe and you'll be fine. My approach to your nutrition allows you to enjoy foods that will make you feel good, will be satisfying, will not be overwhelming, and will bring joy to meal time.

I know what fitness approach works for everyone.

I don't mean to toot my own horn when I say (but I will, because I've worked with hundreds of clients on the gym floor, in the fitness studio, and online) that I know the fitness strategy that works for every BODY is a functional one.

Working with me puts the FUN in functional.

Seriously, I won't make you do only your least favourite exercises and workouts. I work with you to create the curated programming that helps you achieve your physical goals whether they are athletic, aesthetic, both, or neither. Your physical activity should be something that you can consistently dedicate time, effort, and energy to because that's what gets you the sustainable results you desire for the long- term.

I really do have a winning sense of sass and sarcasm.

What's life without a little humor? I think things need to be taken seriously...but not too seriously. It can't always be "do this, do that" because you feel like you're dealing with a brick wall that's impossibly hard to climb over. Just ask Humpty Dumpty. In all seriousness, I understand how daunting it can be to be a high achiever; while your health can help you keep achieving, it doesn't all have to be serious business.

I don't tolerate clients feeling like they don't have the tools to succeed.

While I strive to provide my clients with the best of the best- through my own continuing education as well as the resources and time I dedicate to clients in both one-to-one and small group settings- I understand that tools cant' change your circumstances. I will never recommend or enforce strategies that feel unattainable, unreliable, or unvaried.

You get more than you bargain for.

When working with BeU Fitness & Nutrition- whether you're subscribed to the email list, or working with me in Empowered To Go LIVE, or reaching for HIGH risk goals in Empowered Elite, you are getting resources that help you in the now. You're also getting the strategies that will help you maintain your success after our time together has ended. Don't take my word for it; check out what Madeline has to say here.

Nothing makes me more grateful than clients saying how much they learn, how supported they feel, and how they're gaining a lifelong friend when working with BeU Fitness & Nutrition.


The Redhead Project Virtual

When you, as a creative, can utilize the most energy and flow in your pursuits- whether it be your passion project, your trade, or a voyage into the unknown- you unleash the supercharged significance you wish to have on your audience. 

If you think you're one of my next clients, that starts now. Book in for your complimentary pre- consultation, or explore more ways to work with me below.

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