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What I Pack To Feel My Best On the Go

Updated: Aug 3

What's a few more things in your suitcase? Take a peek into what I pack to feel my best on the go.

Packed suitcase for a sunny getaway.

You may "only" be heading away for a day, or a weekend. You may travel for periods of time that leave you tax exempt (a big bonus, IMO). You may feel like your suitcase has permanently taken residence in your front bedroom because you haven't needed to pack it for ages!


How long do you like to be away from home for?

  • 0%0 days: I'm a homebody

  • 0%2 days: A casual weekend away

  • 0%3-5 days: Work send me on location sometimes.

  • 0%5-10 days: I have a conference or just need to relax!

You can vote for more than one answer.


Packing for your health routine is probably the last thing in your mind. Until a few years ago, it was the last thing on my mind too.

However, what I came to realize was that packing a bit more strategically helped me have more energy- energy to enjoy my work, enjoy my vacation, & energy to battle the impatience that comes with waiting in line in customs at Dulles airport (IYKYK).

I also came to realize there is a MASSIVE gap in the health & wellness market for any guidance around what *really* can be left at home. So, I created the Empowered On the Go guide!

Now, let's dive in...

What I Pack To Feel My Best On the Go

  1. My workout gear- Exercise helps regulate your circadian rhythm, as well as gut motility. I always pack shoes for walking or gym workouts if the destination that I am traveling to has a hotel gym. This also doubles as an external motivation factor because if I pack my workout gear, I even may go so far as to explore fitness classes/ popular running routes in my area!

  2. Supplements- If you've ever been away from your own kitchen, you know that you can guarantee a few food sources: rice/ bread, protein, & sometimes a certain grease factor that you have to bite the bullet on. I pack my supplements & medication because I use them daily when I'm at home. I currently take a pre natal vitamin & an omega supplement, as well as pack a digestive enzyme to help my stomach breakdown greasier/ richer foods. I don't have to worry about lacking in appropriate fatty acids, which supply my brain power, or necessary vitamins for radiant skin & nails. They're lightweight too!

  3. A protein source- As I don't eat land meat (yes, I miss pepperoni but not that much), I have to guarantee a protein source for myself! Adequate protein intake supports muscle tissue most notably- which is beneficial given muscle tissue is the largest glucose depositing facility in the human body. As well, protein slows down overall meal breakdown, leaving me fuller for longer & less likely to grab at endless snacks to fill my belly. I typically pack a protein powder to support my muscular needs, so that I always have the power to go.

  4. Chocolate for the road- This one is absolutely for my own happiness. My husband always has a bag of "car jellies" on the go when he's at home; when he's in an airport, a bag of jellies is always purchased for the plane! The same goes for me...except for chocolate. I know what I like, I know where to find it, & I know that it will make my travel experience just that bit more enjoyable if I have something yummy to look forward to.


The list above might seem silly- really, why would anyone pack protein powder when they're heading away for the weekend? The reason being this: I have a why. My why is the desire to have the energy needed to do what needs to be done whilst I'm away: be it work or leisure, I know that I can actually enjoy being away!

Do you pack anything for your own health & wellbeing when you're away? Please share in the comments below!

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