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31 Health Tips For 31 Years, And Older

It's my birthday, and I'll eat baked cheese with 2 for1 margs if I want to.

Dancers partnered together in a rock show
It's my party, and if I find a dance floor this is DEFINITELY what I would be doing!

In an effort to keep things short and sweet, I give you...

31 Health Tips For 31 Years, and Older.

Not because I want you to listen to me (you don't have to, if sarcasm isn't your thing), but because these are tips I wish I knew about for the last 31 years in all honesty.

So, grab a cuppa/ cocktail and take a seat or scroll as I present to you the 31 health tips for 31 years, and older.


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  1. Aim for consistency- if you can consistently exercise three times per week, that's better than consistently committing to six times per week and achieving none.

  2. Look at all aspects of your health- it's not just physical well being; it's emotional and mental, too.

  3. Don't buy into the hype- because you'll have to keep repurchasing!

  4. Don't eliminate what you don't need to.

  5. Do eliminate what you have to- completely. For example: being lactose intolerant is not just a "once in a while I have a drop of milk in my tea."

  6. Read books on subject matter you're interested in- if self development isn't your thing, leave it on the shelf. You won't be any worse off.

  7. Have a morning routine- you won't regret feeling like you can handle your day

  8. Have an evening routine- you will regret not being able to go to sleep when you want to!

  9. Get strong- it helps your LITERAL skeleton stay up.

  10. Have goals- otherwise, you have no plan and really won't get anywhere. Check out some of the latest Empowered To Go goal getters here!

  11. Be open- minded about goal setting- you don't "have to" have the same goals of get strong/ get a squat PR/ run a marathon as a everybody else. You don't have to set a goal weight, you don't have to set a goal shape, and you certainly don't have to set a goal because everyone else is doing it.

  12. Don't be ashamed of your goals- not all of our goals are meant to line up the same.

  13. Exercise your brain- see the "read a book" concept above.

  14. Don't worry about detoxing- your liver, skin, and sweat glands can handle that on the daily.

  15. Do worry about detoxing your social media- we're attached to it, let's be real. However, what's the point in being attached to something that makes you feel less worthy for yourself?

  16. Get daily fresh air- it's for your mental health, the health of your airways, and for Vitamin D.

  17. Chew your food- digestion starts in the MOUTH not in your stomach. Could you imagine just plopping a whole hamburger bite down there with no forewarning?

  18. Breathe when you eat- I invite you to experiment: take a breath in through your nose before every bite of food at your meal.

  19. It's ok to eat the same thing on repeat- if you like it, not because you think it's going to cause miracles.

  20. Put your screens to bed before yourself- we get SO lost in our to-do list as quickly as we get lost in creating more to- dos. So, don't give yourself the chance.

  21. Call your family- they love you no matter what size, shape, or weight you are. Shoutout to my incredible family for loving me unconditionally through an eating disorder, an incredible affinity for avocados, and whatever less processed baked good I'm baking!

  22. Buy a size up- call me crazy, but not having every item of clothing seer-suckered to my body because I. Can. Still. Fit. Into. This. is actually way more comfortable than the guilt felt around stuffing into clothing that really can be given away.

  23. Do it with a friend- having an accountability buddy makes training easier (especially when you sign up for a half marathon and you are NOT a runner).

  24. Don't be ashamed of accountability- voice it to your friends, post sweaty selfies on instagram, do what YOU need to do to hold yourself accountable.

  25. It's not just your workout- it's mobility, range of motion, form, and injury prevention too.

  26. Do operate by the "variety is the spice of life" concept- when it comes to working out. Your body is smart, it adapts, and it's beneficial to branch out.

  27. Keep going back to what you love- if it's been three years since you took a dance class, still show up to the random audition you decided would be a good idea. You might make it to the second to last cut, and have an absolute blast and a half reconnecting with movement that truly makes your body sing.

  28. Eat your vegetables- when they're served to you.

  29. Enjoy your dessert too- because there will be a day when a doctor tells you it's probably best if you no longer choose to do so. Speaking of doctors...

  30. Get regular blood work done- you can't treat what you don't know about. There's also NO reason to self diagnose yourself either.

  31. Ask questions- goals are cute, but if you don't know how you can achieve them, how do you start?


If you have one piece of wellness advice that you have acquired in your lifetime, I'd love if you shared it in the comments below!

walking in front of a mural in Downtown Miami
There is no better feeling than enjoying life in good health.

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