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Hey there, high performer.

I empower you to navigate digestive disorders and recover adrenal fatigue for optimized productivity and achievement. I help you create autonomy over your health, wherever life brings you.

I'm Bronwyn Barry.

I am a Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer who helps high performers create confidence, energy, and autonomy in an on-the-go space.

I am the creator of Empowered To Go. 


All of this started with a ROUGH journey through digestive disruption that felt like it was crippling my career (which sucked, because I loved my job).

Through many cycles of "trial and error," I finally came to understand what truly makes my body tick. 

I help you discover the exact same thing, but here's the plot twist: what you need isn't what the person next to you needs. Better yet, what you need can truly be supported wherever life brings you.

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Bronwyn Barry, Nutritional Therapist Cork

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Discover Empowered To Go

Starting with the five pillars which create your wellness goals of dreams.

BeU Fitness & Nutrition


Get clear on how being clear- headed works better for you.

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Develop a concise training plan that capitalizes on your time, and energy.

BeU Fitness & Nutrition


You're not just resting "easy," you're resting better.

BeU Fitness & Nutrition


Create food freedom, maximizing both what and how you're eating.

BeU Fitness & Nutrition


Most importantly- my clients learn how to do it anywhere they want.


Josh: Professional Performer

"I felt a little overwhelmed with trying to maintain my health and fitness in and amongst the craziness of my job; but, I felt in safe hands with Bronwyn. Many PTs will give you a workout plan and a general calorie count- I got access to Bronwyn's wealth of knowledge especially around nutrition. Having the extra knowledge about food and when best to refuel and workout around my show schedule was very helpful.So glad I got to work with Bronwyn, I understand so much more about how me as an individual works and have the motivation to keep putting it all into practice!"

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Getting started can be the hardest part, but I know it's the start of getting the solutions you need to the symptoms you have.

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