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Group and Workplace Wellness

Bronwyn is an NTOI registered Nutritional Therapist, NASM certified personal trainer, NTC Pre/ Post Natal certified, Behaviour Change Specialist. ​ BeU Fitness & Nutrition is proud to engage in local businesses, schools, and the greater community to promote wellness and its benefits in a variety of environments. 

Group fitness class

BeU Fitness & Nutrition offers open level group fitness classes within the local community of Douglas, Cork. 

All classes are 45 minutes, which includes a dynamic warm up before your workout as well as a cool down after. A comprehensive approach to your fitness that is fun AND functional.

Simply click the link below to head to the booking calendar and book your spot in class today!

Bronwyn has been on the PE staff at Regina Mundi College for three years, where she combines fitness fundamentals with nutrition for young adults into a comprehensive curriculum for 5th Year students.

Bronwyn also offers nutrition coaching for student athletes for optimal preparation, performance, and recovery.

If you are looking for a specific offering for your workplace, please get in touch so we can discuss your needs further.

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