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Empowered Nutrition

A system of initial consultation, investigative testing, and follow ups.

Empowered Nutrition goes beyond dietetics. It's more than just an "eat this, not that" plan because you know that that can't always be guaranteed when your work views are constantly changing.

Nutritional therapy is the most efficient way for high performers to manage symptoms and achieve goals. Your unique protocol will:

- help you understand triggers and problems from past experiences/ medical history to be better prepared for future encounters.

- arm you with resources to allow for more nutrient dense freedom that you can capitalize on with streamlined digestion and nutrient absorption.

- support you in bridging the knowledge gap between the short cuts that aren't working for you, and the long term solutions that WILL work with you.

- facilitate seamless increase in energy and confidence, for optimal longevity and productivity.

Giving you full facility and autonomy to manage digestive disorders and discomfort, so that you can keep living your life and achieving your goals without s*** hitting the fan.

Why Empowered Nutrition?


Your nutritional therapist implements potential further testing, as well as comprehensive assessment that provides you with curated nutrient needs, digestion support, and energy enhancement that makes sense with your concerns and goals.


Subsequent follow ups occur every four weeks.

Your foundation for progress is laid, then built upon.

You get lasting solutions- no more quick fixes are needed.


Your protocol is designed with your health concerns and goals in mind.

An in-depth questionnaire is assessed to get the full picture of YOU, from inside to out. This is taken into consideration with relevant testing and blood work that you may bring to your initial consultation appointment.

The more information- the better!


You get access to office hours with your nutritional therapist, from 10am to 5pm local time, Monday to Friday.

On top of that, you have access to a network of well- trained professionals who all want to support you and will give you the time of day when you have questions that you want answered.

Why Should You Take It From Me?

I've designed this unique nutritional therapy offering to help you stop stressing about digestive distress. I know- I've been there. I navigated through IBS, low energy, and weight gain in a career that demanded every last bit of my energy- always. I want you to walk away with confidence in your food choices. I want you to stop second guessing the nutrition you need and the foods that you love. All with sass and sarcasm, from someone who has genuinely been there and understands the frustration in trying the solutions (probiotics, cleanses, gut resets) that have failed you.

How It Works

You simply have to click "inquire now" to get started. Book your free Wellness Q&A where we discuss your signs and symptoms, your goals, and how BeU Fitness & Nutrition may or may not be the best fit for your nutritional therapy needs.

Empowered Nutrition is yours, with a click and a questionnaire.

Investing in your digestive and adrenal health is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. Empowered Nutrition provides personalized protocol, testing, and support to help you overcome the constant second- guessing around meals, improve your energy levels, and ensures that you have a better quality of life to stay empowered to go.

Ashley, Group Fitness Coach

"I felt like I didn't have a lot of direction with my diet and wasn't feeling confident about my food choices... Now I don't experience any digestive discomfort (or if I do, I know why), and I feel a lot more self-aware of all the factors that impact my overall well-being."

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my appointments in person or online? How long does it take?

Your appointments are online! When you fill out your initial consultation questionnaire, I send you a link to book your 90 minute consultation. We have to discuss a lot in this time, so I do need the full ninety minutes to get the most comprehensive picture of you. I promise you- our time online is worth it.

What's included in the price? Do you offer payment plans?

Your initial consultation starts at 119 euro. Subsequent follow ups are 59 euro each, and I do require at least one follow up after initial consultation in order to ensure you are able to utilize your protocol and actually seeing effective benefit from it. Pricing doesn't include potential diagnostic testing, additional fees requested by your GP for blood panels, or supplements.

What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional Therapy falls under the functional medicine realm. It's a holistic approach to nutrition, taking into account factors such as; diet, lifestyle, genetic makeup, living environment, health history, bloodwork, and diagnostic testing. Nutritional therapy is designed to empower you, as an individual, to understand your body's unique nutrient needs and to understand how to make sustainable change that provides you with long lasting results.

Who is nutritional therapy for?

My nutritional therapy services are for YOU if you're tired of gambling around your meals.

You want to stop wondering if you're going to be hungry in an hour. You're tired of eating the same food twice, and having different toilet trips each time. You are open to using food in therapeutic doses, as well as supplements and minor lifestyle changes in order to optimize your body's digestive processes and get the most nutrient absorption possible.

Get Booked Into the Empowered Nutrition Clinic Now.

I'm here for you. I understand that you're investing valuable time into getting the solutions you want. Rather than waste your time debating over your options, you can book in a free call with me to see if BeU Fitness and Nutrition is the right fit for you.

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