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Empowered Hour

A 60 Minute call that gets specific on your needs.

Empowered Hour is exactly that; an hour to discuss your symptoms and goals and start working on them today! It's the no-brainer way to take advantage of Empowered To Go.

You feel like you don't have the resources (financial, time, environment) in order to invest in a "proper" course of action, does that mean you can't do anything at all?

You're looking at the month ahead and see a few moving pieces (change in schedule, change in country, change in family dynamic) that could be potential road blocks- do you know how to navigate them?

You see that your personal health will need to be in top shape for the quarter ahead, so how can you avoid being sick?

You find the thought of a total health overhaul overwhelming, or unnecessary. You want to focus on one specific area, is that even possible?

With Empowered Hour, your needs are addressed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Why Empowered Hour?


In focusing on your chosen area, we can get down to the foundations of what wasn't working and why. You move forward with knowledge that helps progress, not hinders it.


Your plan of action can be utilized immediately! You'll know how to navigate road blocks (such as sickness, surprise scheduling conflicts, and other tricky situations) and how to build more progress down the line.


I want you to get the most out of YOUR Empowered Hour. You start by sharing a few details on what specifics you need in order to waste none of your valuable time.


You have the specifics, knowledge, and plan of action. Now, the ball is in your court and you move forward working on the timeline that you set for yourself.

Why Should You Take It From Me?

Empowered Hour is the no- brainer way to invest in Empowered To Go. This call is designed to focus on the specific area of your choosing- nutrition, fitness, stress, recovery, adaptability and resiliency. Your time may be short, your finances may be tight, but that shouldn't hold you back from the energy, confidence, and productivity that will bring you the success you so desire.

How It Works

You book in for a Wellness Q&A and tell me about where you are at the present, and where you'd like to be in six months' and twelve months' time. You share with me what's boggling your brain the most, what you've done in the past that hasn't worked, and what you feel has been holding you back...until now!

Want the easiest, no-brainer access to Empowered To Go?

Investing in your specific needs can make a "health overhaul" feel far less daunting. Empowered Hour provides specifics on one aspect of your nutrition and wellness so that you can start working towards more energy, clarity, and efficiency without compromising on your precious time.

Madeline, professional performer

"I was able to reach my goal for a performance job I was doing and feel confident that I would be able to sustain it even after coaching ended. All of her methods are practical and realistic, making everything maintainable."

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use Empowered Hour?

You can book in for an Empowered Hour every month if you wish! It's a great way to get a handle on your month and create a roadmap of how to put your health first amongst your busy schedule.

What comes with my Empowered Hour?

Your hour session comes with a full summary (provided by yours truly!) on what was discussed, as well as resources to help you get started with your plan of action such as guides, recipes, and schedulers/ mindfulness reminders.

Do I get check ins after my Empowered Hour?

I don't include check ins with your Empowered Hour, because you already have plenty of other people asking for your time. If you do want check ins though, we can discuss that in a Wellness Q&A.

Can I just pick your brain for an hour?

Of course! I love when you come armed with questions about your area of concern. The hour is designed for you to get the most effective benefit in the most efficient manner.

Book In For Your Empowered Hour Now.

Empowered Hour is the most time efficient way of investing in autonomy over your personal health. Are you ready to tell me more about your uphill sprint so that we can turn it into a steady climb?

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