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Empowered Elite

Six month 1:1 nutritional therapy and fitness solutions

The expectations people have of you (and the pressure you’re putting on yourself) have increased recently, and you're also wondering if you have what it takes to meet the demands being set before you.

What you thought of before as a big (exciting) move, is now feeling terrifying as your energy is flagging. Your nerves are frayed and you’re running on empty - just when you need a little extra in the tank the most.

Your stomach is constantly churning, you’re reaching for caffeine and sugar to get you through and you’re pretty sure food - and life - isn't supposed to be as triggering as this.

Stepping into a bigger role, whether that’s starting a family, relocating or taking on a new position, is exciting, and what you’ve been working for. But to make this change a good one, you need to put yourself first. You need to feel your absolute best. Most importantly, you need to have tools and fuel on hand to help you navigate the shifts.

Either way, there is a common vein running through all of this; the expectations of you have increased. The demand is greater. It's both exciting, and terrifying.

Yet, you wonder- can I do this myself? Do I need a diagnosis of my symptoms first? Do I know where to start? What happens if/ when I drop the ball? Will I be sacrificing too much of myself that I'll actually be in my own way?

You believe that you can achieve more AND be healthier about avoiding burn out.

You don't want to think of digestive upset as "just a part of life" anymore.

You have a solid routine at the moment, but it doesn't feel like it's actually doing what it's "supposed to" for you.

You want help from a specialist, not a generalist.

Why Empowered Elite?


Nutrition, fitness, mindset, and behaviour change- it's all here in this six month container. You're challenging: nutrient absorption, optimal exercise and recovery patterns, and mindset blocks that unleash an entire change from inside out.


Your progress is monitored through weekly follow up calls, weekly check in forms, and access to office hours with your mentor (me) from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

We assess what's working, we tweak what isn't. You come away with long-term solutions that support your unshakeable ability to achieve your career dreams and achievements.


A lot of information about "past" you is garnered in order to see how you got to "present" you. From there, we curate the "future" you that you know you'll be proud of.

Enhanced Support

All Empowered programming includes resources such as; fitness programming, or recipes. Your resources are created from scratch, and encapsulate all aspects of your lifestyle to support you- sleep, stress, nutrition, fitness, and mental resiliency.

Why Should You Take It From Me?

Empowered Elite is the solution that will support you and hold you accountable as you prepare for your next milestone in life. You want to be rid of the unexplained digestion symptoms that are impacting your energy. You want to confidently say "I can do this" when you've got to juggle your health, your family, and your career. You want to be able to walk out the door without thinking "I can't wait for my fourth cup of coffee." You want to feel like the effort you're putting into your health is so effortless- everyone just notices the bright, radiant you.

You want long lasting solutions that leave you unstoppable. You need a personalized approach, with maximum accountability so that you can break through the physical AND mental barriers that are holding you back. That's Empowered Elite.

How It Works

You book in for a Wellness Q&A and we discuss where you are at the present, and where you'd like to be in six months' and twelve months' time. We discuss any relevant nutrition concerns, fitness goals, professional goals, or life events that you feel are standing in the way of your personal health.

Are you the ideal Empowered Elite client?

Empowered Elite is calling you, the high performer, who wants more out of the life that takes you on the go. If you are ready for:

- challenging nutrition and fitness beliefs that rewire you from "food fear" to "food freedom."

- energy to go from CEO to family manager, all within a quick car ride to pick the kids up from school.

- confidence to quit leaning on food, caffeine, and alcohol as a way to get through your day.

- laser sharp focus as you step into your leadership role in work, knowing that you can handle the challenges that it may bring.

Then book your Wellness Q&A so you can start making the change you know you need.

Emily, physical therapist

"Together, we created attainable & sustainable changes that really helped get my physical & mental health back on track, & better than ever! Time with Bronwyn goes beyond meal prepping & workout programs. She truly curates a safe space for all negative thoughts to become a healing conversation."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to commit to this programme?

I'm not sure if I need this much support, what else would you suggest?

You are fully supported for six months of the year. Weekly, you will dedicate about five to eight hours towards your check ins and practicing your protocol.

I spend an additional eight to ten hours in the background, facilitating a seamless Empowered Elite experience.

What is the price point?

For 239 euro per month for six months, you walk away with lifelong change that improves energy, improves confidence, and improves your quality of life. As I mentioned above, this programme is a dedicated time commitment between both you AND me. The software I use to support you, the check ins that you have every week, and the continued nutritional therapy and fitness programming that you receive gives you huge return on your investment.

If you aren't sure about Empowered Elite, I would suggest booking into an Empowered Hour- it's an abbreviated version of what you can expect in your initial Empowered Elite consultation. You can pick which area of your lifestyle you would like to focus on, whereas Empowered Elite will focus on ALL aspects of your lifestyle. You walk away with suggestions on how to start making change, whereas Empowered Elite will help you start to make change AND continue implementing that change so that it sticks.

Can I pause my programme?

Due to the nature of Empowered Elite, your programme can't be paused. It's intense I know, but the rises and falls in your momentum are best handled as they come instead of here and there.

Ready To Become Part of Empowered Elite?

Empowered Elite will challenge everything: your nutrition, your fitness, your resilience, and your mindset. I want to share with you what I have learned, and empower you to create your own experiences so you can get the most out of learning too.

If that sounds like what you might need, inquire about elite therapy and coaching through a free Wellness Q&A here.

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