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Energy, confidence, and productivity

Pursue your passions with no limits

Sacrificing your self is getting you nowhere

You're here because you're tired of the uncertainty around what's working for you, or not.


You know how to fuel yourself and move yourself in a health-full way...until you step outside your front door, open your social feed, and see that you "should be" doing the exact opposite of what you're currently doing. It's all too confusing, and you feel like it's easiest to just give up.


You're seeing some of the results you expect and desire, still doesn't feel right. You're questioning if the protein- packed breakfast is enough of a kickstart to your day when you're still reaching for coffee #4 at 2pm.

I know, because I've been there too. 

You can promise yourself that you'll finally stop the late night Googling about "being less bloated from breakfast," or "what does magnesium do for the body."

You can buy the six week nutrition plan, invest in the gym membership, and book the vacation- but what happens if you drop the ball?

Empowered To Go LIVE is a twelve week programme that is designed to stop you from wrongly sacrificing your self so you can start thriving in your creative pursuits.


What if things were different?

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You can say goodbye to uncertainty

You could feel confident in tuning out the influencer B.S. and clear your late night Google history from keywords like "bloat," "adrenal fatigue," and "caffeine consumption."

You could feel confident in your own choices for your health, even when your co-workers are doing something completely different.

You could feel confident that you will make it through your afternoon or evening workload without the third (even the second!) cup of coffee and sugar-loaded pick-me-up.

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You could say hello to your health with a smile

Put away the resentment you have towards doing "what's right," because it only seems to be working marginally.

You could stop seeing being healthy as an obligation- it could become something you genuinely enjoy and get a lot of pleasure out of.

Putting your self first can stop feeling like a privilege, and more like the right thing to do in order to show up better for your self and the impact you desire to have on the world around you.

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You had the resources to make it happen anywhere

You could have health information and encouragement from a trained professional without having to hit Google translate on the myriad of research around what's better for your health, and what's not.

You could feel zero guilt for enjoying your vacation, enjoying an extra rest day, or enjoying meals that you would previously have demonized as "diet sabotage."

You could stop sacrificing your self-worth in the name of success. You would know that, at the end of the day, that will get you nowhere.

It's time to turn symptoms into solutions.


In 12 weeks, Empowered To Go LIVE will help you:​

  • ditch the quick fixes because you understand your health concerns, and enjoy the long-term solutions that will address them.

  • navigate food fear in any environment with ease (you can actually call it food freedom).

  • breeze through the dream wellness routine with confidence- you're feeling productive, in spite of being tired some of the time. 

  • learn how to use your energy so that you can finally see AND feel results that you've wanted for years

  • stop feeling guilty about when you want to put your health first vs. putting it on the back burner for later (because we all know, later gets later...and later...and later). 

  • be armed with resources to create the energy and resiliency to have control over your health wherever life takes you.


See what Empowered To Go clients have to say...

Emily N.

"I had felt lost...together, we created changes that really helped me get my physical and mental health back on track, and better than ever."

Betsy R.

"I feel more confident about my body and my choices...I love how excited I get about food now!"

Madeline B.

"I was able to reach my goals with my job...and felt confident that I would be able to sustain it after our coaching ended."

Ashley A.

"I felt like I didn't have a lot of direction with my diet and wasn't feeling confident about my food choices...Now I'm lifting heavy, and I feel a lot more self- aware that impact my well- being.

I've been there...

And I wish I had the confidence and energy to do something about it sooner.

It's not just Googling an "eat this, not that" situation.

In fact, that's exactly what I was doing. When I was busy LIVING my best ship dancer life, there were some bigger issues brewing in my belly, and they were showing up on my waistline.

While all of my co workers were getting future offers for work, I was left high and dry. I felt so alone, frustrated, and annoyed that I hadn't been able to fix things by myself!

What took me through a rollercoaster of emotions, stress, and wasted time turned out to be one of the biggest oppportunities for me to say "enough is enough."

I don't want other high performing creatives to be in my shoes. You've got way too much potential to let something silly like belly bloat or zapped energy get in the way of pursuing your passions.

Which is why I'm here, offering the nutrition and fitness solutions that empower you with energy, confidence, and productivity for success.

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First, You Probably Have Some Questions.

Check out some of the frequently asked questions that are often asked before enrolling. If these answers don't help you, you can reach out to ask your questions here.


Do I have to travel to use Empowered To Go LIVE?

Nope! Empowered To Go has helped professionals who are on the go, working from home, and somewhere in between. This programme has helped:

  • professional performers

  • physical therapists

  • marketing strategists

  • group fitness instructors

  • directors

  • school teachers

  • software developers

Creating autonomy has allowed them to take back their health, and give energy to what makes them really come alive in life and pursue what they're most passionate about. 

What if I don't want to attend live calls?

You don't have to, if that's not your thing. All calls, Q&As, presentations, downloads, and resources are held in an exclusive online learning platform that you can access at any time.

Learning on your time. You never feel limited.

How long do I have to use all of the tools in Empowered To Go LIVE?

Empowered To Go LIVE provides automatic LIFETIME access to those who enroll. You can download materials as often as you like, re-watch when you like, and continue enhancing your personal health when you like

What's the price?

Your investment over the twelve week period is paid in three installments of 159 euro every four weeks. I would never put a price on your health- I think the price you pay is when you're battling uphill to make the most of your day. However, I know that the barter system isn't how today's society operates!

The next Empowered To Go LIVE 12 week course starts on 7 May, 2024

Don't wait until later this year, because you may very well miss your chance. 

Join the waitlist now to lock in your place in the most supported virtual community in the health and wellness space where you will gain the energy and confidence to pursue your life's passions.

How are you interested in paying?

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